The process is the following:

  1. Visit website in the upper right corner is “online order” or directly Create a new account, fill in all required fields below and click continue
  2. If you want to order a free sampling kit on the right side is an option sampling kit order. Add the number of dogs/cats you want to test, sampling method, and submit order
  3. We sent the cytological brushes for sampling to you if you ordered online or via email.
  4. You receive brushes
  5. You perform sampling 2 brushes from each dog/cat. It is best to isolate each dog/cat before sampling for an hour from others. Or the blood sample can be carried out by a vet to the tubes with EDTA (points 1; 2 are omitted).
  6. In the case of sampling by a veterinarian, request confirmation of sampling on the order form or on a printed online order. The vet’s name, Vet. Reg. number, stamp, and signature are required. If sampling is not confirmed by a veterinarian, the ‘Identity of the animal has not been verified‘ will be written on the protocol.
  7. Each cover of the brush must be marked by the name of the dog/cat or chip.
  8. The brushes need leave to dry at room temperature. You put each brush back to the paper-plastic bags in which it was. Do not put brushes into plastic tubes.
  9. Create the online order (or fill the or order form F18).
  10. Send samples with the online order number or together with the paper order form F18.
  11. You will receive the notification as soon as samples arrive
  12. We start the analysis
  13. You receive the invoice, after successful analysis (or if you want earlier, after the reception of the sample into the lab – write on the order form)
  14. You pay for the analysis
  15. We release the results
  16. You can download the results from the database
  17. We sent paper protocols to your postal address
  18. You can order any other analysis from the stored sample (the price is lower than from the new sample)


We reserve the right to refuse to perform the test if the material is incorrectly collected or damaged during transport


How to make an online order:                                        Instructions on how to create an order with pictures

To place an order through the database, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account. Click My Orders on the right, then select: New Order in the upper right
  2. Section – Samples (describe the animals, sampling, analyses): for new samples fill in name, chip, certificate number (pedigree), breed, date of birth, date of collection, collection by veterinarians (fill in name and Vet. Reg. No.), it is possible to state different dog/cat owner ….. or select an existing sample
  3. Choose an analysis package or individual analyses from the list and add the “Add to basket” button to the order for the first sample
  4. Click Add another sample at the bottom left to place an order for several dogs/cats. Proceed in the same way as for the first sample/dog/cat. Continue like this for all dogs/cats.
  5. Before sending the order, make sure that the analysis you have chosen is suitable for the breed. If you are unsure, consult it by phone or email. After the analysis, it will be charged even if it was not suitable for the breed.
  6. At the bottom right, click the Next Step button – Section Payment & Delivery and complete the following:
  7. Email Notifications: Click to receive notifications of each order status change
  8. Choose your payment method: Bank transfer or Paypal
  9. Results delivery: Electronically (downloading the protocol from the SlovgenDB portal) or also by mail
  10. Invoicing: After completion of all analyses, or Immediately (you gain access to the results after payment continuously after the analysis) – the invoice immediately means after receiving the samples to the laboratory
  11. Note: write here any of your other requests or comments
  12. Click the Continue to summary button, review the order, and click Submit Order
  13. If you do not submit the order, it will remain in progress in your account, and you can return to it and send it later or delete it. Until you send the order, it only remains in your account and the laboratory does not have access to the data.