Conditions for granting contractual club discounts to a dog and cat breeders.

Slovgen will provide a 10% discount on genetic tests of registered dog and cat breeding organizations for orders made online through the website. Discounts apply to tests for the detection of hereditary diseases, DNA profile including confirmation of parents, and analysis to determine the type and quality of fur.


Conditions for granting a discount:

The customer is a member of a Club registered with Slovgen – this fact is to be noted in the order. The laboratory is entitled to contact the contact person of the relevant breeding organization for membership verification.

The genetic tests are ordered online. The discount cannot be claimed retrospectively, the customer has to ask for the discount during order placement, by writing in the notes: club10%, member club name.

The 10% discount is deducted from the total price of the genetic tests. The discount will be indicated on the invoice issued after the laboratory receives the samples. The discount does not apply to additional services.

The identity of the individual must be verified while taking samples, – this is done using the special form F66 (F67), which is available for download on our website. Alternatively, confirming the collection and verification of the individual’s identity by a veterinarian with a stamp and signature in the upper right corner of the printed online order is possible.

A 10% club discount can be added to the quantity discount granted for ordering 6 or more dogs.

Would you like to obtain a 10% discount for your breed club? Fill in the form and register your club.


The offer is valid for 2022, and 2023. State laws do not provide the right to discount. Changes reserved.