If you are interested in a test, please contact us at the address above, or write an email to: bielikova@slovgen.sk. We will send you an order form and sampling cards. In the order form: fill your name, address, e-mail, species of the bird – Latin name, sample identification (ring or chip), if you wish to receive a certificate or a free protocol. The free protocol is a yellow A5 protocol for each bird separately.


For the blood spot analysis:

It is necessary to write the Latin name of the bird, the ID – ring number, or the chip of the sample. Let fall a drop of blood to a marked circle on the right upper corner of the sampling card (at least half a circle, sufficiently intense). Let it dry at room temperature and send it together with the order form to the lab.

Make you sure:

– you let fall a drop of blood only from one bird to a sampling card

– let the sampling card dry separately



Bloodstains: A video on how to take a sample can be found here.



Handling of sampling cards:

When handling sampling cards, whether clean or with a blood sample, always keep the following:

  • Keep them in a dry and clean environment, preferably in an envelope or plastic bag
  • never catch a filter paper ring for a blood sample before or after collection, or a dried bloodstain
  • always choose only one card before collection, so that the others are not exposed to possible contamination by aerosols, virus particles in the air, etc.
  • very important: after the bloodstains have dried, prevent the bloodstains from coming into contact with each other, put each card in a separate plastic bag, insert so that the bloodstain is closer to the opening of the bag, thus minimizing manipulation in the laboratory
  • Or it is sufficient to separate the cards with paper, see the picture




If you wish to send feathers: The feather must be fresh pulled out (6 – 8 pcs) from the chest, with the feather root, inserted into the plastic or paper bag. The bag must be labeled by the bird ID.  Put the feathers only from one bird in the bag. Each bird must have its own labeled bag. When analyzing feathers in ostriches, feathers from the neck are suitable.


We reserve the right to refuse to perform the test if the material is incorrectly collected or damaged during transport