Please make sure, that you only execute the payment after you have received an invoice by email, post, or after email confirmation. Do not pay in advance without the invoice.


You can pay either via direct bank transfer to one of these accounts, on the basis of the advance invoice sent by the laboratory:

Bank name: Tatra banka

IBAN: SK55 1100 0000 0026 2625 2786



Bank name: Poštová banka  the bank account has been closed

IBAN: SK74 6500 0000 0000 2023 9430



Account in Czech republic:

Bank name: Raiffeisenbank:

IBAN: CZ88 5500 0000 0061 0790 2001,



Payment can be made via PayPal:

FS5LN9AAC848S, – a payment on the basis of the PayPal invoice. The invoice with details will be issued upon request.